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A Diverse Downtown Charleston Church Congregation

Captivating The Spirit Of Christ

There are many facets to Charleston's diversity, and one of them is represented by Saint Mark's Episcopal Church. Our historically black Episcopal church has been a cornerstone of the Charleston community since 1865, and it continues to be a vital part of the city's fabric today.


Our downtown Charleston SC, church is a living testament to the power of diversity and inclusion, and it is a place where people of all backgrounds can come together to worship and celebrate. Saint Mark's is a truly special place.

Our Mission

As a historically black Episcopal church with a diverse congregation, our mission is to live and grow in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as to reach out, serve, teach, and support the parish family and wider community.


Sunday Morning Church Service Charleston, SC

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Saint Mark's Episcopal Church

Saint Mark's Episcopal Church

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A Congregation of the Episcopal Church

We are a progressive, inclusive and diverse community of faith.

We welcome people from all walks of life into our fellowship.

We have been serving the needs of the Charleston community since 1865.

You will feel at home in Saint Mark's because our congregation is diverse and inclusive

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Have You Met Our New Priest In Charge?

Saint Mark's Church Welcomes
The Reverend Fred E. Thompson, Jr.