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Welcome to
Saint Mark's Episcopal Church

Your place to worship and connect with God in Charleston, SC

Discover Faith, Unity, and Purpose Together

Join Saint Mark's Church, where faith, family, and fellowship unite in a vibrant spiritual community. Explore opportunities for personal growth, meaningful connections, and life-changing service, while enriching your relationship with God.

Saint Mark's Episcopal Church, Charleston SC
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Diverse Community

Uplifting Worship

Outreach Opportunities

At Saint Mark's Church, you'll find a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming congregation. People of all backgrounds and walks of life come together to share their faith and build strong connections, creating a unique spiritual experience.

Experience uplifting worship services that combine traditional and contemporary elements, providing a perfect balance for spiritual nourishment. Our dynamic, engaging sermons and moving music will inspire you to grow in your relationship with God.
Embrace your calling to serve others through our numerous outreach programs. Saint Mark's Church is deeply committed to making a positive impact in the local and global community, offering many ways for you to get involved and make a difference.

A Diverse Downtown Charleston Church Congregation

Captivating The Spirit Of Christ

Welcome to Saint Mark's Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC! Rooted in our city's rich diversity since 1865, our historically black Episcopal church stands as a testament to unity and inclusion. Join us in downtown Charleston, where we celebrate our faith with people from all walks of life. Here at Saint Mark's, we're not just a church, we're a vibrant community. Looking forward to sharing the joy of fellowship with you!

Our Mission

As a historically black Episcopal church with a diverse congregation, our mission is to live and grow in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as to reach out, serve, teach, and support the parish family and broader community.

Our Mission

Sunday Church Service Charleston, SC

Tune in Each Sunday Morning at 10:00