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Engage in Service and Fellowship with Charleston's Saint Mark's Men's Club!

Welcome to the Men's Club at Saint Mark's Episcopal Church in Charleston, the beating heart of camaraderie and fellowship for our male members. Our key aim? To provide service and support to our beloved parish through engaging activities, fostering friendships, and enhancing parish life.

If you're 18 years or older, we'd love for you to join us in the Men’s Club. We play a vital role in sustaining the outreach initiatives, special events, the physical premises, and the financial well-being of our church. Additionally, we're the proud hosts of various recreational and social events scattered throughout the year.

Our capable members also take pride in maintaining the church property and grounds, helping ensure our sacred space remains beautiful and welcoming. Think of it as hands-on service with the added bonus of fun and fellowship!

Our club thrives on the regular fellowship meetings, marking our calendars every second Thursday of each month for a gathering at 12:30 pm in the warm and welcoming confines of our Parish Hall. We relish a refreshing summer pause in June, July, and August but eagerly anticipate coming back together to pick up where we left off and continue our journey of service and camaraderie.

So come, and be part of our vibrant Men's Club at Saint Mark's Episcopal Church, where service meets friendship and faith is shared in unity and joy.

Join the Vibrant Community of Saint Mark's Men's Club!

Fostering Fellowship and Service at the Heart of Our Parish

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