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Michael Drayton Jefferson - Saint Mark’s Treasurer For 35 Years

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Michael Drayton Jefferson, baptized in October 1956 by Father St. Julian Simpkins, has been a long-time and valuable member of Saint Mark’s. His parents, Colonel and Mrs. William and Mildred Drayton Jefferson, Sr. and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. Herbert and Leila Hoffman Drayton were also members of Saint Mark’s.

Mike, as most know him, has served as an altar boy, the sexton and is currently a member of the choir, president of the Men’s Club and a member of the finance committee for The Episcopal Church in South Carolina.

Mike graduated from Bishop England in 1974, received his Bachelor of Science from the University of South Carolina in 1978 and later matriculated MBA studies at The Citadel.

He spent 12 years in the financial industry with Manufacturer’s Hanover and American General.

In 1993 Mike along with three others opened First Funding Mortgage Company, Inc. As part owner, he was also appointed Vice President and Treasurer. As a result of the 2007 mortgage crisis, First Funding decided to close its doors in 2008. Currently he works part-time with a short-term vacation rental company.

Mike began as assistant treasurer of Saint Mark's in 1981 and then became the treasurer from 1982-1985 before moving to New Orleans, LA in 1985 for 1 year. When he returned to Charleston, he was again appointed as treasurer from 1986-1996. In 1996 Mike moved to Aiken, SC for a year and upon his return to Charleston, he was reappointed as treasurer in 1998, where he continues to serve.

Thank you, Mike Jefferson, for your dedication to Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church!



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